13 Dec

More Choices for Ore Generation per World (part 2)


This is one that I’ve wanted for a really long time. Instead of all ore types just mixed together in any given location, ores are regional, like caves. Whether it be by biome or just random, this generator type would be massive fun. Instead of setting up branch mines wherever someone feels like it, you would need to prospect to find a mineral rich area with the minerals you need, then set up some sort of mining outpost there. This encourages building settlements in mineral rich areas, exploration, and realism to the game (Of course, it’s only one generator type! You wouldn’t have to use it).

Now I’ll explain a bit more. This would be exactly like large veins mode, but under certain biomes/areas, 80% (or so) of ALL ore veins would be changed into that area’s main resource. This only applies to the Y levels that those ores naturally spawn in classic. For instance, lets say you found an area with an abundance of diamonds (which would be more rare than finding areas rich in other materials). The materials in above layers would generate exactly like in large vein mode, but be less frequent. At diamond level, diamonds will be more plentiful.

Imagine this; on an SMP server, one village was built around an area rich in iron. The people who live here, naturally, have an abundance of iron supplies. A different town, over a naturally diamond rich area, would not have as much iron material, but they would be very strong with diamond gear proven they use proper mining methods. They may develop slower due to lack of better tools at first, but overall they will pick up and become better than the town over iron.




So, what do you think?

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