11 Dec

More Choices for Ore Generation per World (part 1)

We’ve all, obviously, spent many-a-days underground, whether it be branch mining, quarrying, strip mining, spelunking, or whatever way you most enjoy mining for minerals. We’ve all gotten used to the “Look, a vein of iron. Mine that up real quick. Or look, redstone and a few diamonds!”

Well, I’ve always wished that it wasn’t quite like this. In real life, we have mines set up in locations rich in a specific mineral. We don’t just dig somewhere where it would be convenient and find every material we need.

So now into the suggestion! I would like to see a new option under more options tab. This button would say the following; “Ore Generation: Classic”. When clicked, it will cycle between classic, large veins, and regional. I will go into more detail of each setting below.


Classic ore generation is exactly how it is now. Veins are small, all over the place and randomly mixed among other veins in the caves below. There’s nothing more to explain here.

Large Veins

This setting, the second one, is only slightly different than classic; simply put, the veins of ore are around four times larger than classic, but also four times as rare. When you find a vein of coal, you could mine there for quite a while before running out and needing to find a new one. In this generator type, finding a vain of ore is a good thing, not just something you’ll pass up since there are so many. It gives more meaning to find a single vein of ore.

Of course, people who choose this generator type will need to adjust mining strategies to account for the different vein size and rarity.



So, what do you think?

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