5 Jul

All About Biomes













I wish there was a way that you could choose a specific biome.Ocean would be deep and have a few scattered islands. Deserts would be nothing but sand dunes and the very rare oasis(only place to obtain wood, water) making progress extremely hard. Mountain biomes would have to have taller mountains, maybe with snow peaks. Winter biomes would be completely frozen. Jungles would be a beautiful mess. forests would be mostly flat with hills and stretch on infinitely. Swamps would combine this marsh idea.

This has sparked an idea for Snow Biomes! Here it is: if everything is frozen maybe you need to break the ice on a tree with a pick first then require at least an Iron Axe to get the logs. And consider them rarer and put special uses. This sounds like like a mod idea though, unless a permafrost biome is added.

I would just love to see more sub-biomes. Stuff like birch forests as a forest-biome or tall forest (where only tall grees grow) maybe even birch forests which would be forest near taiga or tundras. For deserts maybe oasis (with no other water spawning in deserts) and this marsh thing would fit well with swamp biomes. Just some more variation! The current biomes are extremely bland, the ‘hill’ sub biome is a good start but still.


So, what do you think?

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