15 Jun

New Beacon Power and Infinity Bows

As the title says, this would be a new ‘quick crops’ Beacon power that would affect plant life instead of the player. Crops, trees, cocoa beans, cacti, pumpkins and melons (etc.) all grow much faster, and faster still if also selected as a secondary power.

Other possible beacon uses:

They grow up so fast: Make animals reach adulthood faster. Also, occasionally when you breed them you get twins.
Fast furnace: Furnaces become more efficient and faster.

Balance: If these new powers seem a bit overpowered they could be limited to pyramids composed entirely of emerald or diamond. This makes sense to me actually: like tools, the better material the beacons are made from, the better their powers.

A lot of minecrafters know that many adventure maps employ the tactic of shooting arrows out of dispensers. Many players exploit this by simply waiting until the arrows run out.

My idea is that using an infinity bow in the crafting table will create an infinity dispenser that will fire infinite arrows.

The dispenser itself will look the same as the current one, but the UI will only have one slot titled ‘arrow’, only an arrow can be placed in this slot. (To prevent item farming.)

Place these into your maps for superior (but expensive) turrets!

Use them to stop dirty cheating alpacas from making the dungeons easier and much more!

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