19 May

Alternative Decorative Forms

One thing I like about quartz, sandstone, and stone are the different forms they can take for decorative purposes.

Quartz has regular, chiseled and pillar. Sandstone has regular, chiseled, and smooth. Stone has regular, cobble, chiseled, cracked, mossy, cracked bricks and mossy bricks.

Why not bring the fun to other blocks? It would give them additional uses while making building with those materials a little less monotonous.

Blocks I can see benefiting from this, from most to least:

Lapiz Lazuri (crying obsidian, anyone?)
Clay/Clay Brick
Redstone Block (to clarify, I can see some utility for this: different redstone block designs equal more ways to identify which block is activating which thing. Also, if they want better use from it, they can make different redstone block forms give different power outputs, though that’s optional.)

The storage blocks (gold, iron, diamond, emerald) might also benefit from this, although I could see it getting a bit weird with the crafting recipes.

This would be (while many of you will argue that it does not need to be included in the game because it does not change or add to the game mechanics) a massive improvement to the game. My argument here is that Minecraft is more about creatively building something than actual game play.

So, what do you think?

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