New Alchemy and Dragon Additions Part 1

I’m loving these weekly pre-releases, and most of the updates bring great new additions. I guess I can assume now that a good portion of the Minecraft demographic like RPG style fantasy design. It seems like everyone is wildly excited about potions and spells and again dragons. Maybe I’m just going on a pointless rant now, but hear me out. Vanilla Minecraft has always had that good ol’ generic feel (I can’t think of a more positive term, but I think this is a good quality). Grass, trees, farm animals, and some creepy unique hostile mobs; nothing really genre specific; appealing to a large audience. I suppose I’m one of those people who just doesn’t get a good feel from the medieval fantasy RPG, which is where I think Minecraft might be heading.

I know Notch is trying to add these layers to the game and make it more engaging, but I feel like he’s focusing a bit too much on combat rather than the roots of Minecraft; mining and exploring. No matter how much he fancies up fighting, it comes down to the fact that Creepers, Zombies, Spiders, etc. are just a-couple-hit-to-death obstacles. I feel like Notch should be focusing more on improving mining mechanics and making it more interesting (this is Minecraft). I like the concept of what he’s doing with dragons, but why dragons? All of the hostile mobs are unique and quirky, but I feel like dragons are just that stereotypical go to mob to please the RPG fantasy lovers. Why not something totally new, a weird giant bird mob, or something that combines the qualities of the other mobs? I’m just not feeling a good fit with the minecraft I fell in love with.


So, what do you think?

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