17 Nov

New Alchemy and Dragon Additions Part 2

Minecraft has always had a bit of a fantasy feel. Swords, armor, archery, skeleton archers, zombies, portals, fireball shooting ghosts, etc. These things all tend to point towards fantasy.

Dragons, potions, spells, exp- they all feel like some other sort of game. It’s setting up the game as a real RPG, where I thought of it more as a creative survival game before. Now of course I could always go on in SP and not even address these additions… or could I? Will mobs become tougher and actually require me to use the new spell system? Maybe not, but I’m afraid of being left behind in the MC community if I don’t adopt these new systems. Maybe I’ll get used to it, and maybe all my bitching here is a bit over the top, but I’m just concerned about the game completely turning me off eventually with the additions.

I don’t want to preach to Notch all my wild ideas, and I’m not trying to make a full blown statement to the Minecraft world that the game is in a disastrous downward spiral (I think nothing of the sort). I just thought I’d share some of my thoughts and maybe get some good feedback from other players. What’s your opinion on the direction/ updates Minecraft is going/getting?


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  • i think notch is trying to liven up minecraft and make it so that there are more things that can be done in vanilla minecraft. however i think that he should work on other parts in the game and expand that instead of spells, possibly a new biome or subdivisions of biomes, or some kind or science thing, etc etc

So, what do you think?

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