13 Jun


I think there should generally be more “portable” features, for players who like to adventure rather than build. Backpacks would be cool, made just like a chest but with leather, and cannot be doubled as chests can. A portable “furnace” would be cool too, like a camp stove. It could be fueled by netherrack instead of coal/wood, so you don’t have to worry about carrying fuel with you, and can just light it with flint & steel. It would also be cool to see a simple animal-pulled cart introduced, similar to the cart Gandalf arrives on in the Fellowship of the Ring. It would basically just be a chest minecart, but in order to make it move it must be harnessed to a pig wearing a saddle. Obviously it wouldn’t be very efficient at climbing hills, but I’m not sure how that could be implemented.

Some of the discussion on this topic might be split between the two primary play styles: single player or multi-player. I always felt multi-player sleep was not implemented well. The primary goal behind my plugin was to address that oversight. I can see the concern some people have regarding removing the difficulty of using an appropriate bed while also increasing the benefit (quickness of daylight occurring) might shift game play negatively from a single-player perspective. From a multi-player perspective however, sleep is so hard to accomplish with a lot of players anyways. If it even occurs at all it’s a thing of glory. In fact, I even added a reward system to my Sleep plugin that grants health and experience even just to try and encourage players to engage in it.

So, what do you think?

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