5 Jan
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Are 3D Models Really That Cool?

OK, so by now everyone has heard about the new fad of rich people using their 3D printers to create a real model of their Minecraft creations. More and more people are doing it, and there also a number of businesses that are popping up to sell people 3D Minecraft models.
In the past we have argued that Lego Minecraft sets are kind of unnecessary because we might as well just play more Minecraft. Well, this argument goes both ways. When you really think about it, why in the world would you ever need a 3D model of your Minecraft creations? It seems like a good idea, but ultimately, they will just end up as paper weights just like the Minecraft Lego sets will turn into.
 The point is this: part of the magic of Minecraft is how cheap it is to get into, and how accessible it is for computers with low specs. This entire idea of printing 3D models of our Minecraft creations ruins the whole aspect of this. These things are not cheap, by any means.
Countless commenters have expressed that they think this is the greatest idea ever, but when one takes the time to think about it, they may have a different opinion on the matter. Let’s just play more Minecraft.

So, what do you think?

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