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Preparing for 1.9
Minecraft creator Mojang released information earlier in he year about a large update coming to the table known as 1.9. The most recent news says the team is hoping for a November/December release. This exciting expansion will bring tons of new content. Strap yourself in, here is a rocket list of what you can expect to come with the new Minecraft 1.9.


  • New Transportation, known as a Elytra, operates as a wing suit hang glider.
  • Dual wielding allows players to use both hands to perform different tasks using the left and right mouse buttons. This means you can have a sword and shield, torch and pickax or any other combo.
  • Attack strength mechanic that will deal damage based on the charging meter.
  • New status effects that include levitation and glowing. Levitation will take you high into the air while glowing will make an outline of the mob that glows even through opaque blocks.
  • New “Treasure” enchants that consist of Frost Walker and Mending. Frost walker will create ice on still water. Mending will take any experience earned to repair two durability per experience gained.
  • The End is getting a massive upgrade including End cities, End ships, landscapes and chorus trees.
  • New game blocks including frosted ice, chorus trees and flowers, dragon head, end gateways, purpur, and grass pathways.
  • New items including fifteen types of arrows, beetroot and accompanying items, chorus fruit, and shields.
  • A new mob knowns as a Shulker that appears in The End.
  • All damage done by tools have been recalibrated, making some more viable in combat. Don’t worry, the diamond sword is still the best though.

This is just a small list of all the exciting new changes coming to the world of Minecraft. Stay tuned for updates, hopefully this release is right around the corner.

Fun things to do in Minecraft
Minecraft is an extremely versatile game, so vast in fact that people may become lost for building and surviving for days. For others it becomes monotonous and loses some level of fun. Here is just a small list of what you can do in Minecraft to get some flavor back.

• Build a monument
– Create the Eiffel Tower, or Big Ben, or create your own castle.
• Destroy said monument – Blowing stuff up with dynamite speaks to that innate chaotic part in all of us.
• Dragon Slaying – Sure you are king of your survival world, but have you ever taken out the Ender Dragon?
• Build an obstacle course – Then challenge your friends and family to complete it.
• Create a city or town – Complete it with villagers, farms, and businesses. It is your world.
• Take out a water temple – This is a goal in and of itself, do you know what’s in the center?
• Create a map – Give it quests, adventures or even a challenge. Then upload it and let others try it out.
• Play a map – Or download a map and see if you can figure out the puzzles or games others have come up with
• Join a server – Try your hand at some of the mini games and make some friends.
• Become an artist – 8-bit art is a great endeavor, what can you create?
• Make a water slide – Seriously, the water physics can be fun to play with.
• Install a Mod – These add a lot of content and fun to any game.
• Achievement – Can you get them all?
• Conquer the nether – Find a castle and tear it down brick by brick
• Compose a symphony – Only for the extremely patient
• Survive – Think you are tough, do it without weapons or armor.

Looking to get started?
MChomethumbIt’s easier than you might think. Just go to Minecraft.net (the official Minecraft website, if you didn’t know) and make an account. You’ll have to enter you preferred username, password, and email. Make sure it’s a valid email, because you’ll have to validate the account with it. Check your email, click the validation link, and then log in using the username and password you just created.

Assuming you just logged in, you should be back at Minecraft.net’s homepage. Click the “Get Minecraft” button and you’ll be sent to the checkout screen, where you can pay with whatever it is you would prefer to pay online with. After checkout, download Minecraft. You can either play the full version of Minecraft in a browser or download the stand-alone version so you can play without having to use your browser.

Best Minecraft Coloring Pages
These original Minecraft coloring pages, based on popular Minecraft characters such as Steve, Creeper, Enderman, Ender Dragon and many more, will delight the younger Minecraft fans. Visit our website or your printable Minecraft coloring pages and two Minecraft Coloring eBooks, with all-new coloring pictures.

Minecraft Battle
Check out this amazing battle vid.


Minecraft News
As expected at Microsoft’s press conference at Gamescom, the company pitched Windows 10 to PC owners. While their pitch might not be news-worthy, Minecraft lead developer Jens Bergensten offered a more interesting announcement.: his team has been hard-at-work on a new version of Minecraft, optimizing the addictive game for Windows 10.

This new iteration of Minecraft has no set release date, but the beta is available now. For those gamers uninterested in buying a second copy of Minecraft, don’t worry – if you’ve already purchased the title, you will receive a free copy of this new version.

To see Xbox’s last attempt at creating its own version of Minecraft, check out our review for Minecraft on the Xbox 360.

Minecraft Releases a Greek Mythology Pack
GreekMC copyMinecraft has officially launched a new downloadable content pack for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The new DLC provides players with nearly 40 skins in the style of Greek mythology. You can grab the pack for only $4 and get all of those skins plus a custom texture set, a new UI, and a new soundtrack. Skins include Minotaur, Cyclops, Medusa, Cerberus, Poseidon, and more.